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FORUM 2: Why is it so difficult for us to recruit the best workforce?

Forum date & Venue

Thursday 15th November 2018
Pembroke College, Oxford, St. Aldates, Oxfordshire OX1 1DW

The forum on the future of work in Oxfordshire had a broader cross section of attendees then our first forum. We also decided to run an open debate without a panel and one invigilator. It was encouraging to see members of county and city councils in the audience as well as a range of employers, employees and recruitment agencies.

Agencies came in for some criticism in a number of areas. Some were accused of recruiting new staff for companies and then attempting to lure those same employees to different companies just a year later. This was only based on anecdotal evidence and there was no suggestion that any of the agencies represented at the forum had engaged in this practice.

The forum agreed that although there were many exciting and attractive jobs available in Oxfordshire the county was guilty of not promoting the advantages of living and working here enough.

The forum was also the first one to make the point that the three main goals of OV (housing, employment, transport) are all inextricably linked. Again, there may be great jobs available in Oxfordshire but with an inadequate transport infrastructure and lack of affordable or appropriate housing – you won’t attract the right workforce.

It is worth noting during all the forums and at the launch of OV at the Blavatnik School of Government we recorded and videoed feedback from many partners.

Simon Howson-Green, Oxfordshire Voice

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