Oxfordshire Voice at Howbery Park

Standard Operating Procedures?

Can the Oxfordshire Voice Forum provide a standard of accreditation or champion key aspirational best practice for all businesses in Oxfordshire?

The OV Forum at Howbery Park was a highly interactive affair with absolutely every member contributing to an excellent discussion. Our two excellent speakers Grant Hayward and Chris Harvey led a constructive and robust discussion particularly in terms of the key business areas and companies that we can use as role models for better business growth, development and management.

Identifying individual leaders and those businesses which embrace and embed best practice as integral to their business development was concluded to be a key objective. Sharing ideas and almost evangelising these exemplars through OV could enable all businesses to overcome barriers in their businesses.

A mapping system to highlight the business areas where other businesses could improve and grow was seen to be an excellent route to integrate individual business change into the framework of growth and change that OV and partners were developing.

A “Manifesto” of managing change

Oxfordshire Voice is not simply about Oxfordshire as an entity at the largest scale. It is also a central focus for all businesses to engage with for sustainable and consistent growth which will benefit us all at all scales.
If we can engender change at all levels and collaborate effectively we all benefit and the Oxfordshire brand at the highest level benefits at regional, national and international levels.

Our “Common Cause” as business as a force for good is already a growing movement across the world. Our challenges are not unique although Oxford has specific barriers that can only be tackled with truly integrated thinking.

Mapping out our priorities, particularly ones that all businesses, irrespective of their resources can attain is a core element. This could lead to a shared toolkit of knowledge and best practice. Case studies of Oxfordshire business that are already on this path can be highly publicised and the toolkit enables other business to benefit from this growth.

Although the discussion was very wide ranging the focus must be on what is achievable and fits into the strategic plans at all scales. Accreditation and compliance is a challenge in all our individual sectors but our manifesto cuts across sectors to enable a shared educational and promotional process to benefit us all.

Aligning Priorities – creating change

Mapping out best business practice ideas.
How does better business practice align with a better Oxfordshire at all levels?
Creating a toolkit of resources for shared knowledge and support from key experts.
Developing a panel of experts who exemplify how their businesses are either already executing best practice or are on the road to achieving it.

The latest OV Forum was a stimulating and positive event to enable us all to be better leaders and managers, develop key priorities to move our businesses forwards and generate awareness of how we all play a role in understanding, communicating and overcoming the challenges we face at every scale.

“Oxfordshire Voice is further developing into an excellent platform to generate real change to enable us to play a role in changing Oxfordshire for the better. A better Oxfordshire for everyone irrespective of their role, age or background……it is a privilege to be involved”

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