Support for OV

Our Foundation of Support

With over 600 members in the B4 community, we already have an established foundation of support. Combine this with the support of both Councils, Oxfordshire LEP and key individuals in Oxfordshire’s business community and we have firm foundations.

Supporting bodies

Allied to this firm foundation is the support we receive from other excellent organisations in Oxfordshire such as Experience Oxfordshire, The Oxford Economic Growth Steering Group, Bicester Vision and more

Supporting committees

B4 has established its own network of support committees for its key platforms including the B4 Advisory Board, BIO Advisory Board, NXT Advisory Board, Knowledge Bank Advisory Board and B4 Values Advisory Board. We are also proposing other committees including a Creatives committee and a Work, Wellness and Wellbeing committee

The Vision for a Connected Oxfordshire

The long term vision for Oxfordshire Voice is two-fold:

1. To establish OV as a recognised body to help promote Oxfordshire’s business community
2. To establish a network of over 2,000 businesses as part of the B4 community and Oxfordshire Voice
3. To establish OV as a worldwide and connected mouthpiece for Oxfordshire business success

Oxfordshire Voice

A powerhouse region of which we are all proud

Oxford and Oxfordshire is now a powerhouse region of which we are all proud. A key part of that success has been the success of the business community, driven often by the collaborative culture which has been key to the success of our universities over almost a millennium. With Oxfordshire Voice, we have the opportunity to take that culture a further decisive step further, with the minds of the business community applied to Oxfordshire issues and its voice heard much more widely at every level.

Dominic Hare

Bring together the 35,000 plus businesses

Oxfordshire Voice aims to bring together the 35,000 plus businesses across our county to provide a strong voice influencing our journey towards a connected, world class, local economy.

Bob Price
Former Leader, Oxford City Council

Local businesses to be heard

To date Oxfordshire hasn’t had a cohesive business voice. Oxfordshire Voice is an opportunity for local businesses to be heard on matters that really impact on business life.

Richard Venables
VSL & Partners

Providing the mechanism

Many Oxfordshire businesses face the same challenges surrounding transport, infrastructure and recruitment of skilled workers which are having an impact on economic growth. It is important that these issues are addressed collectively, and Oxfordshire Voice provides the mechanism for that to be achieved.

Sarah Foster
Managing Partner
Freeths Solicitors

Filling a void

Businesses in Oxford and Oxfordshire need to ensure they are heard by key decision makers. Oxfordshire Voice is filling a void, can only serve a positive purpose and it’s great to see local government and the business community joining forces.

Phil Southall
Managing Director
Oxford Bus Company

Identify the best conditions for growth

Businesses represent the wealth creating engine of our economy. Oxfordshire Voice enables business people to identify the best conditions for growth in our county to fine tune that engine.

Frank Nigriello
Director of Corporate Affairs
Unipart Group

The channel for businesses

Oxfordshire Voice is THE channel for businesses of all sizes to be heard, be informed and to showcase local successes to the rest of the UK and the world.

Grant Hayward
Collaborent Ltd